Monday, October 21, 2013

Dress as your Favorite TV Character for Halloween

Dress as your Favorite TV Character for Halloween 

1.   Kaylee from Firefly 

I have wanted to be Kaylee from Firefly for Halloween for years.  The problem is I want the rock the pink layer cake dress, but I can't even sew a button on.  But I did find two of her outfits on Etsy!

Want to rock her coveralls?  You can get it here.
You can get her asian inspired jacket and parasol here.

2.  Elena from The Vampire Diaries

You can either do pre vampire Elena or post vampire Elena.  You can get either her vervain necklace or her daylight ring.  

If you decide to go with the post vampire Elena I would suggest making sure you get the red hair streak. Next add a black blazer and some skinny jeans and you are ready to go!  

Or you can look through some of her actual outfits from the show here.

3.  Katherine from The Vampire Diaries

I would go with Masquerade Katherine from the episode aptly titled Masquerade in Season 2.

First off you will need her black Filigree mask that you can search for here.

Next you need Katherine's daylight necklace and I suggest throwing some fangs in there for fun.

Now all you need is a black lace dress. You can check out this BCBG dress here which I think would be a great option.

You could also dress as Katherine Pierce from the Civil War era.  All you need is her cameo necklace and southern belle costume and you are good to go.

4.  Selina Meyer and Gary from Veep

This is by far my favorite couples costume I've heard about this year.  To dress as Selina Meyer's all you need is a good "power suit", a flag pin and a oblivious attitude.   

What makes this an awesome costume is the addition of Gary.  All you need is a guy willing to walk around with you all evening carrying a women's briefcase and reminding you of people's names all night.  Bonus points if he is willing to actually carry your items in the bag so he has to get them for you whenever you need something.

5.  Tardis from Dr. Who

The Tardis may not be a person but there are tons of costumes out there that mimics the tardis look.  Check out some of them here.

6.  Jess Day from New Girl (throw in Nick for a couple's costume).

To pull off Jess Day all you need is a super cute dress, any dress at ModCloth will do, dorky black or tortoise shell frame glasses, a rabbit phone cover and bangs.  

If you want to add Nick just have you guy wear jeans and a ratty t-shirt or a plaid shirt and make sure he yells at a few doors for good measure.

7.  "A" from Pretty Little Liars

All you need is a red trench coat and a long blonde wig and you can be "A" from Pretty Little Liars.  If you want to add a creepy factor to the costume you can throw in the white doll mask that she likes to wear.  

8.  Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones

First off you should make sure to pick up a dragon egg, this will make any Daenerys  costume.  You can also get her belt and shoulder pieces from Quarth to add to any blue dress.  Or you can go classic Daenerys  from season one.

9.  Sookie Stackhouse True Blood

Even though Sookie doesn't spend any time actually working you can copy her waitress outfit really easy.  You can get the Merlotte's uniform here.   Just pair the uniform with white tennis shoes and short black shorts and you are ready to go.

10.  Blake Downs from Children's Hospital.

To pull off this look all you need is a set of scrubs, tons of fake blood and some clown make up and you will be ready to make people laugh and scare the crap out of them.

10.  Walter White from Breaking Bad

You need a pair of white underwear, a green button up shirt, brown loafers and a (fake) gun and you will be good to go as Walter White from the first episode of Breaking Bad.  

You could also get get a yellow hazmat suit and go as either Jesse Pinkman or Walter White, just make sure to add some blue rock candy as your blue meth in a ziplock bag.

11. Jesse Pinkman (Skinny Pete or Badger) from Breaking Bad

You can go as Jesse Pinkman, Skinny Pete, or Badger by wearing jeans, a beanie a graphic tee shirt and a hoodie.  

If you go as Skinny Pete or Badger make sure you add in a laser pointer and a stack of cash for good measure.  Of course you need to add the blue rock candy to these costumes as well.

12.  Stefon from Saturday Night Live

You can start the Stefon look with a Ed Hardy t-shirt.  I wasn't able to find the exact one still available but you can try any of these for the same look.  Then all you need to do is add several large stainless steel rings and some hair gel and you are good to go! 

13.  Sheldon Cooper and Amy Farrah Fowler

To pull off Sheldon all you need is a long sleeve under shirt and a comic book t-shirt.  You can find a few of his t-shirts here.

Amy Farrah Fowler tends to wear lots of cardigans and skirts.  Just makes sure they don't match.  This corduroy skirt is on sale at Kohls and would be a great match for Amy Farrah Fowler.  You could pair it with this cardigan from the Gap.


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